Your Homeowners Association (HOA) has probably given you a handbook of some sort upon moving into the area, detailing the purpose of the organization, your responsibilities under it and the various rules that you need to observe. 

Among the things that your HOA will be most concerned about are renovations, repairs and other home improvement projects that will be done within the neighborhood. That said, make sure you’re aware of any HOA guidelines that you need to follow before letting a contractor start with their work.

Typically, roofs are covered by such rules, and you would need to obtain HOA approval before starting your roofing project. So if your old roofing is already due for replacement, make sure to review the guidelines set by your HOA first. 

This can certainly add to the preparations you need to make and the challenges of replacing an entire roof. However, keep in mind that such rules and requirements are meant to maintain a certain standard within your community, so your compliance would be necessary.

Don’t worry too much, though. As long as you take note of the rules and have a dependable roofing contractor experienced in HOA approvals, the extra paperwork shouldn’t hold you back in any significant way.

To further discuss the importance of HOA approvals, Kingdom Roofing shares more information below. We also share a few essential tips on how to secure HOA approval for your roof replacement project.

Why Is HOA Approval Needed Prior to Roof Replacement?

Below are the top reasons why you should abide by the rules and secure HOA approval before beginning your roof replacement project:

  • To keep a uniform look in the neighborhood

Your HOA is tasked to ensure that every home in your neighborhood maintains an appearance that is consistent with all the other homes in the community. Keeping a uniform style is crucial to your development’s look and feel — which are factors that help retain real estate value. That said, your HOA will likely have a say on some of your roofing choices so as to ensure that your new roof will not stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood.

  • To prevent hefty fines or lawsuits

Some HOAs are quite strict when it comes to the compliance of homeowners. Depending on their tolerance, they can slap you with hefty fines or lawsuits if you were found to have violated the HOA’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). These are definitely too much to worry about on top of a roofing project, so you might as well avoid this kind of hassle by following the procedure.

  • To ensure faster installation of the new roof

Failure to get HOA approval can postpone your roof replacement project. And since roofing jobs typically involve several steps — inspecting the roof, sourcing materials, hiring a contractor, etc. — you wouldn’t want to cause significant delays in your project’s completion. So submit that request for HOA approval as early as you can.

What Should Homeowners Do When Requesting HOA Approval?

To improve the chances of your roofing replacement project to be approved by your HOA, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Review your HOA guidelines. There is probably so much information in the documents sent to you by your HOA when you moved into the neighborhood, and you might no longer remember the specific details clearly. But whether you’re sure about certain rules or you need to jog your memory, it wouldn’t hurt to re-read your HOA guidelines and make sure you understand the requirements well. While contractors can offer help in matters pertaining to HOA approval, it’s still best to have firsthand knowledge about the rules set by your HOA.

  • Submit your request early. HOA approvals take time. This is because the people managing the committees have jobs, families and their own homes to attend to. To ensure that your roofing project won’t be held up for too long, you should put in the paperwork as early as you can.

  • Prepare all the requirements beforehand. Your HOA will likely have a say on the roof style, shingle colors and decking material to be used on your roof replacement project. Be ready with these details when submitting your request for HOA approval, and make sure they meet your HOA requirements.

  • Let a roofing contractor assist you. Get all the help that you can get. Many roofing companies are experienced in processing HOA requirements, so try to find a contractor that is familiar with such prerequisites. With their knowledge, they can help speed up the process and ensure your project adheres to the HOA guidelines.

What Happens if HOA Did Not Approve Roofing Project?

In the event that your HOA did not approve your roofing plans, the best course of action would be to directly ask your HOA about what needs to be changed in order for your roofing project to be in line with the guidelines. Rest assured that your HOA can tell you the specific changes that would make your roof replacement project compliant to HOA rules.

Never start your roofing project without approval from your HOA. Apart from potentially facing a fine or lawsuit, it would only prove to be a waste of your time and money since your HOA can require you to stop anyway or redo a job that does not conform to their rules. Save yourself from such troubles by making adequate preparations and seeking the help of a competent roofing contractor.

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