One of the keys to preserving your roof and getting the longest serviceable life out of it is to have it regularly inspected by a professional who can then fix minor issues before they become major problems.

Especially in South Florida, an annual roof inspection is an important part of home maintenance. An inspection will alleviate any concerns you may have about your roof and will ensure that your roof is safe.

Having your roof inspected at the ideal time can help you ensure it’s prepared and equipped for the months ahead and you are well aware of any potentially developing issues before they turn into a serious problem when you least want them to.

While any time of the year is better than never, there are a few good reasons why a roof inspection in the fall is the best.

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Florida Summers Are Brutal

Our summer weather can include severe storms, hurricanes or tropical storm winds, extreme sun’s rays, and lots of heat and humidity. All of these forces can cause damage to a roof including loose or missing shingles, which open a pathway for moisture to find its way inside.

Scheduling a roof inspection now gives you the chance to find and fix the damage before it gets worse.

A fall roof inspection will ensure that your roof is prepped and ready to prevent leaks and will keep warm air inside during the cooler winter months.

Plenty of Light With Milder Temps

Unlike summer and winter, fall is known for its pleasant temperatures and usually sunny skies. These conditions make it more likely that your roof will be easily accessible for an inspection throughout September, October, November and maybe even into December.


If your roof does need to be repaired or replaced, fall allows plenty of work hours.

Shorter days in the winter and spring can sometimes prevent roofers from working as many hours during the day. Although the days are becoming shorter in the fall, there is still enough daylight each day to get the job done quickly, which is more convenient for you.

In today’s world, with busy schedules and increasing priorities, having some flexibility with scheduling your roofing inspection can go a long way in keeping you from being inconvenienced.

Small Issues Can Turn Into Big Problems

A roof inspection can catch minor damage issues before they turn into major ones. A leak over the rainy season can wind up rotting the wood in your attic and causing mold problems. The money you would have spent fixing your roof is minuscule in comparison to mold abatement services or having to cut out rotting wood in your attic. By catching and fixing small problems, you’ll be saving time, money, and headaches.


For this reason, it’s best that you have your roof inspected during the fall months, usually between the end of September and middle of December. This way a professional can help you spot any potential signs of damage before the first big rainfall of the season can turn it into potentially devastating leaks. If anything does need attention, professional Sarasota roofers can usually offer you an estimate of the roof repair that you’re might need, and the options available to you.