Debris is one of the most common causes of damage to your roof. To protect your roof from damage, it’s best to learn the different types of roof-damaging debris. In this article, residential roofing contractor Kingdom Roofing shares the three most damaging kinds of debris on your roof you should watch out for.

 Debris to Your Roof

Properly maintaining your roof includes protecting it even from harmful elements like debris. Debris may seem harmless but it’s one of the most imposing elements that can damage your roofing system. The following are the three most damaging kinds of debris:

  1. Stray Building Components

During an adverse weather event with high winds, debris is a serious threat to your roof. The flying small pieces of building components can easily bruise or even penetrate your roof. Nails, glass, and other small pieces from the properties around you that broke off because of the wind damage your roof when thrown through the high speed of air. Your community should prepare for the storm by making sure that there are fewer things outside that the wind can break.

  1. Tree Branches

Just like small building components, tree branches, wood chips and twigs can also be damaging debris during a storm. They’re not as strong as building components but they can still tear or punch holes on your roof. You can prevent this by making sure that the trees around you are trimmed before the storm. You should also contact your trusted local roofer to inspect your roof after a storm.

  1. Hail

Hail causes serious damage to your roofing. The depth of the punctured holes through your roofing structure depends on the size of the hailstones. Even with small hailstones, the protective layer and lining of your roofing can still be damaged. After a hailstorm, don’t ignore the small tears on your roof. It’s important to let your roofer repair them immediately because they can develop into a more serious roof problem.

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